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I first met Jayne 3 years ago. I was 41 years old and had been trying to get pregnant for about two years. I had been told that there was no reason why I shouldn't conceive but that my age was definitely against me. I was too old to be eligible for IVF on the NHS as the chances of it succeeding past the age of 40 were too low. Paying for IVF treatment ourselves wasn't an option and at this point my GP suggested that we adopt. I felt desperate, I didn't want somebody else's child, it was so important that the baby was part of me.

A close friend suggested that I tried acupuncture. She told me about her sister who after three rounds of IVF was told that she would not conceive again but after having acupuncture with Jayne had got pregnant and had a baby boy. I was sceptical but willing to give anything a try. When I met Jayne for that first time I felt immediately relaxed and for the first time felt like somebody actually cared. She told me that first of all she would work on regulating my cycle to optimise my chances of holding on to the embryo if I did conceive. I had treatment once every two weeks and after the first month there was significant changes to my cycle. The following month after just a few weeks of treatment I was pregnant. I continued to have treatment throughout my pregnancy and had a healthy trouble free pregnancy. I gave birth to a healthy 8lb 5oz baby boy who is now almost two years old. I still look at him in disbelief; it really does feel like a miracle, which I can't thank Jayne enough for.


I started seeing Jayne as my menstrual cycles were very irregular and I had been trying to get pregnant for some months. Health-wise there didn't seem to be any reason for the irregularities or the failure to conceive, and I wanted to try some alternative medicine to help my body along before going down more intrusive medical routes. Together we looked into my lifestyle and diet and Jayne planned the acupuncture around my personal needs, which was really helpful. The aim was to balance out my body and help everything work in harmony: and after just 3 months of appointments every 3-4 weeks, I had some symptoms indicating that my cycle was becoming regular for the first time in almost 20 years. However, just a couple of weeks later, I found out I was actually pregnant! As it's gone so well I'm carrying on with it throughout the pregnancy, which is helping me to stay in the best possible condition for carrying the baby and preparing for what's to come, as well as relieving the usual aches and pains of pregnancy. I would recommend acupuncture with Jayne to anyone who feels their insides need help balancing themselves out and to get your system working properly. I'm positive that the treatment is helping my body with what it has to do, and working with Jayne is an absolute pleasure!


Jayne treated me for post-natal depression and also depression brought on by grief after the loss of my parents. Jayne made me feel very relaxed and safe and took time to listen to my needs. The treatment was effective, especially in treating the physical symptoms associated with my condition (including shoulder pain and lethargy). I would recommend Jayne in an instant, to anyone looking for an acupuncturist.